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Why Choose Us?

What sets us apart from the competition?

Our parent company Novato was founded in New York City. We purchased in 2018 to better provide our clients with a better and more extended source of fabric and production. We’re dedicated to getting the project done right, on time, in style, and with personalized care. Our team is dedicated to designing and creating the coolest, most attention-getting, highest quality sports jerseys, uniforms, and apparel for our customers.

Our Story & OUr Team

An avid sports fan and baseball player, our owner Angel saw a hole in the market: high-quality, custom-designed sports apparel. Why spend a ton of money on custom design fees when our team could do it in-house and include it in the price for no extra charge? He knew that his team could fill this hole in the market and provide an exceptional customer experience along the way.

It all began with Novato Sportswear. Novato in Latin means “new,”  which is the concept behind sublimation. It gives the customer a new experience every time they place an order, instead of the same apparel or jersey every year.

“I grew up watching my mother use her talent as a seamstress. It would have been ideal to have my mother be part of the business but sadly, the terrible disease of Alzheimers has taken that possibility away. Today I keep those memories alive as she continues to inspire me to live out my dream of being a small business owner, using the passion and skills she passed onto me for new generation.” 

– Angel, owner of Novato and Custom Sports Jerseys


Chief Executive Officer –
Angel is the owner and production expert at Custom Sports Jerseys and Novato. He’s the one who answers the phone, fields late-night emails, talks through your project with you, and gets really, really excited when customers tag us on Instagram wearing their new jerseys and uniforms. Angel is dedicated to giving back to first responders and the military and began our special discount program for these projects and for helping underprivileged youth realize new opportunities for a better tomorrow.


Chief Operating Officer –
Liz is the talented head of design and operations at our company. Always envisioned a really cool pattern on your uniform, but can’t put it on paper? Want something different than the usual sports jersey colors and fonts? She works with our clients on designing all of our custom sports apparel, as well as keeping our studio organized and on schedule.


East-coast Sales Division
Jose is an avid sports enthusiast who brings years of experience, knowledge and passion to our sales team.

"The shirts completely exceeded our expectations and were received earlier than the guarantee date."
Mike (assistant HFB Coach)
PL Cardinals Football Team
"I told Angel that he's come up with a nice design, great uniforms so we're on board and I'm proud to be standing next to him."
Israel Detres (Club Director)
SI Musketeers Basketball Club

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